Saturday, June 5, 2010


So, it turned out that Saturday was a festival here in Girona. Basically, it was an extra shopping day. Normally, shops close for lunch on Saturday and don't re-open, but shops didn't close until around 9pm and there were vendors set up along the streets as well. We were shocked when we returned from Figueres to find the streets were packed with people:
We found a delightful shop selling microbrews, local gazpacho, and even botifarra d'ou a local sausage of egg and meat. I'm still shocked by Europe's general lack of open container laws as they nicely opened our beers and we drank them as we browsed the vendors.
Our evening was concluded by a trip to Bauhaus, a large German hardware store chain that reminded me of Home Depot. As you can see from the photo above, it has been quite enjoyable weather during the day. However, this has meant warm evenings. We were there for fans. After a fruitless week looking for a square fan to wedge in our window, our persistence was rewarded and we now enjoy cool, sleep-filled nights.We also bought a vertical fan, which works pretty well. It's still taking us some time to get used to the design though. Who would have thought that fans styles change throughout the world?
Love, fishes, robots, and cool breezes,
--Chrissy and Chee Sing

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